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July 18, 2012

This last year has truly been the most amazing of my life; the most recent event of which was teaching at Brooklyn College during summer session. Teaching at Brooklyn College gave me the opportunity to live and explore NYC for 2 whole months. Be it a stroll through Sunset Park which led to a walk down the shore of Bay Ridge, gastronomically exploring Chinatown, going to every museum I could, or days in the sun at Rockaway Beach, NYC taught me to love walking. There's still so much I haven't seen, but I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity. Most people only dream of living in New York. The class I had was quite a very bright point, too; there was a wonderful energy and everyone had a genuine drive to learn and create. I haven't had the resources to make my normal work these 2 months, but rides on the train and afternoons in Prospect Park have given me ample time to sketch quite a bit. I've decided to focus on the word 'prolific' once I get back into the studio; no, I don't have any grandiose ideas, I just want to be more productive this next year. Oh yeah, back to ceramics, Brad Miller picked my work to receive the Juror's Choice award at the 4th Contemporary Clay Biennial in Grand Junction, Colorado. I got the call during my frantic NYC summer sublet search; it was a bright moment in the midst of stress and chaos!

April 4, 2012

I just returned from NCECA on Sunday and want to keep the energy alive, so I thought an update could help my memory. First off, I had a great time catching up with old friends from my undergraduate days, Tom Myers and Matt Bright. I actually summoned the courage and participated in a couple performances with The Brick Factory; I'm still carrying (and Eric Scollon said I always shall carry) the 'The Rich Burden of Ceramic History Around [My] Neck.' The Brick Factory performances definitely opened my eyes. Seeing one of my favorite art-couples, Marco Rosichelli and Jana Evans, was great! I also delivered an AMAZING Lego clock that my friend Tim Clark made to Magda Gluszek, a new ceramic friend. I saw so much work and got inspired by so many things, including the colors of Gauguin, and that's the greatest thing about NCECA. Oh, and also, I'm being included in the 4th Contemporary Clay Biennial Exhibition which was juried by Brad Miller and will be in Grand Junction, CO.

(p.s. NCECA, don't EVER have a theme song again...)

October 30, 2011

My life has changed a lot the last few months. First of all, I spent a whole month in China; three weeks at The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, and one week travelling to see the terracotta warriors (Xian), the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, The Great Wall (Beijing), and the YuYuan Garden (Shanghai). The biggest news this summer came 2 days before I left for China; I got a call from Barry Bartlett letting me know I got the Ceramic Technician and Visiting Artist position at Bennington College. So, one month after getting back from China, I packed up and moved all the way across the USA from Phoenix, AZ to Bennington, VT. Flying to China and driving from the southwest to the northeast has made me realize how small the world really is. It only took me four days to drive from the desert to New England! FYI, tolls will set you back a pretty penny with a U-Haul trailer. I've been spending the last 2 months exploring the Northeast: visiting New York and Boston for the first time; exploring the Green Mountains; and coming to terms with the prospect of snow. New work should be posted tonight!

April 7, 2011

The new is here!!! It's been too long since my last bit of news, but I've got a good excuse; I completed my thesis! (here's a link to the ASU listing) The 6 months leading up to my thesis were jam-packed and I have finally had the time to update the website. Recently I have had a piece in the Archie Bray Foundation's 3rd Annual Beyond the Brickyard Exhibition. I've been applying to teaching jobs and residencies for the coming year and have also been enjoying my newly found free time by reading underneath palm trees.

September 12, 2010

This past summer has been full of great news! First off, I was in the 7th Annual Marge Brown Kalodner Exhibition at the Clay Studio in Philadelphia. Secondly, my work was featured in the Ceramics Monthly review of the Clay? III exhibition at the Kirkland Arts Center. And finally, after 3 years, I recieved a copy of the finished book, "Black Pearl and Other Saturated Metallic Glazes," my first publication! I need to thank the author, John Conrad, for this great priviledge.

March 20, 2010

A lot has happened since I last updated the website. My work has been selected for 2 more exhibitions: Feats of Clay XXIII, juried by William VanGilder; and the 18th San Angelo National Ceramics Competition, juried by Sherman Hall, editor of Ceramics Monthly. I also recently learned that I am a recipient of one of the Arizona Artists Guild Scholarships this year. Needless to say, it has been an exciting few months as of late! Feats of Clay will be on view at the Lincoln Arts Center, CA from April 24th to May 30th. My work at San Angelo will be up from April 16th until June 20th. There is also going to be an exhibition in conjunction with the AAG Scholarship; it will be up for the month of April.

Feburary 7, 2010

Updated! The website should work fine now and I've updated it with some new work! My work is up at the Landmark Gallery in Lubbock until the the 28th of this month. Soon, I'm sending my work off to the Kirkland Arts Center in WA for the Clay?III Exhibition going on from March 18th until May 5th.

January 19, 2010

Well, there haven't been as many updates as I had hoped, but regardless, there has been a lot going on. So far, I'll be in 2 exhibitions in 2010: Clay on the Wall at Texas Tech and Clay?III at the Kirkland Arts Center in WA. I was very excited about the Clay?III exhibit because it was juried by Akio Takamori, Doug Jeck, and Jamie Walker (the University of Washington faculty). Hopefully I will be posting new work soon; I had to renew my domain and as a result there are a few errors on the page which are the priority for now.

May 11, 2009

New website!!! Check out the new pieces from my first year at ASU. And now that it's up, expect frequent updates.

May 4, 2009

Three pieces were accepted for 'Fear and Loathing (in Tempe),' the ASU graduate student summer exhibition. It's up until August 28th, 2009. You can see 'pegge,' 'torquere,' and 'Old Glory' at the Harry Wood Gallery on campus.  Also, my piece 'Old Glory' won third place.